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English Translation
ft island to the light lyrics

I lost sight of my Destination
The regret in my heart doesn’t stop sounding off
The sky becomes monochrome
And I quietly closed my eyes

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Hongki and ‘Modern Farmer’ Casts

OMG Hongki!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

#FTISLAND for #STAYREAL Collection


FTISLAND Lee Hongki takes the stage at Cheongyang Pepper Festival.

The 1st episode of SBS new drama ‘Modern Farmer,’ set to premiere on October 18th, is expected to depict Lee Minki (Lee Hongki)’s pitiful story; from the lead vocalist of a super popular band holding a mic to a rookie farmer…

The track list of #FTISLAND 1st Japan Best Album ‘#ALL_ABOUT’.
All songs will be revealed on Oct 2, the album release date is Oct 6th! 
1. BE FREE (Lyrics by #ChoiJongHoon#LeeJaeJin)
2. FREEDOM (Lyrics by #LeeHongGi)
3. Beloved (Composed by Lee Jae-Jin/Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi, Lee Jae-Jin)
4. Shinin’ On (Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)
5. STAY (Composed by Choi Jong-Hoon/Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)
6. Morning Coffee (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Jae-Jin)
7. Last Love Song (Composed and Lyrics by Choi Jong-Hoon)
8. 오렌지색 하늘 (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)
9. Beautiful (Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)
10. On My Way (Composed and Lyrics by Lee Hong-Gi)

This is what we called as ‘FTISLAND’s Music’ ^_^ All the best Treasures!!